Mercury FourStroke 2.5-3.5-4-5-6HP

Being light and affordable isn’t the whole story

For outboard engines in this horsepower range, portability is key and Mercury’s 2.5 - 6 hp FourStrokes are among the lightest outboards in this class. Every Mercury portable FourStroke is packed full of features, such as our automatic reverse locking system to our convenient integral fuel tanks. These FourStrokes undergo the same corrosion resistance processes used in our higher horsepower products.

These small outboards are packed with big features. From multi trim and shallow water positions (on our 4 - 5 - 6 models) to tillers with 360 (degree steering (on our 2.5 - 3.5 hp models), you’ll find the performance and versatility you need to meet any situation. Starting is easy, thanks to automatic decompression, which bleeds off cylinder pressure during start up, requiring less pulling force
to start the engine.

With their low weight and conveniently positioned large grip carrying handles, getting the power to your boat is not a problem. And because these lightweight outboards are subject to our rigorous testing standards, you get the same reliability as you expect from every Mercury outboards.

Motor Detayları

HP Disp (cc) Engine type Dry Weight*
6 123 1 25 kg
5 Sail Power 123 1 27 kg
5 123 1 25 kg
4 123 1 25 kg
2.5/3.5 85 1 18 kg

*Lightest model available