The Konrad 680B has been engineered with the largest and strongest gears in the industry. The 680B is capable of carrying capacities up to 8.4 metric tons (over 18,500 lbs.) per drive. This drive operates with extreme efficiency in the area of 40 knots (46 mph):

Intended For Military, Commercial, Medium Duty, And Recreational Performance The Konrad 680b Offers

  • Oversized bearings

  • Thicker walled casings

  • Dual, counter rotating propeller

  • Continuous oil circulation for cool operation

  • No corrosive exhaust through drive

  • Precision machined super alloy gears

  • No failure-prone cone clutch

  • Minimal maintenance required

Application Recreational or Commercial
Recreational or Commercial Direct or Remote (Jack or CV Shaft)
Exhaust None through the sterndrive
Gear Ratios 1.24:1, 1.43:1, 1.52:1, 1.74:1, 1.94:1
Lubrication Full Immersion, seventeen quarts with external reservoir
Propeller Diameter Range - 15 in - 18.5 in (38 cm - 47 cm)
Rotation Counter rotation
Steering Angle 50° range
Transmission Reversing transmission required
Transom Mounting Template available per application
Transom Requirements 13° angle nominal, 6.4 mm - 79.4 mm (1/4 in - 3 1/8 in) thick
Trim/Lift System Approximate -6° to +10° trim, twin cylinders with electrohydraulic pump Approximate 30° of total lift range
Water Pickup None through the sterndrive