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Protect your assets with the 1st Mate Marine Safety and Security System.  Putting confidence in the palm of your hand with overboard alerts, distress messaging and theft-deterrent functionality. Utilising wearable fobs and your mobile device, 1st Mate combines boat safety with convenience.

1st Mate is an intelligent hub, wearable device and mobile app providing safety alerts and boat security, including:

  • Man-overboard monitoring and alerts
  • Theft-deterrent functionality
  • Distress message capability

1st Mate Marine Safety and Security System utilises wearable fobs for boat captain and up to seven passengers. These wearables connect to a mobile device and ensure that if the captain falls overboard, the engine(s) will stop, an alarm will sound and alerts will be sent via the 1st Mate mobile app, thanks to direct integration with the vessel's propulsion system.  Similarly, if a passenger falls overboard, the captain will be alerted and given the passenger’s GPS location via the app.

We gave the 1st Mate Marine Safety and Security System to Steve Morgan from Fishing Monthly Magazine to get his thoughts on this new system.