The Konrad 620B considered the workhorse of the fleet is a dependable, robust drive. By combining Konrad's proven, single propeller technology with strong shafts and gears, the 620B has set a new standard for stern drive durability.

Intended for military, commercial, medium duty, and recreational performance the konrad 620b offers

  • Oversized bearings

  • Thicker walled casings

  • One piece propeller shaft

  • Continuous oil circulation for cool operation

  • No corrosive exhaust through drive

  • Precision machined super alloy gears

  • No failure-prone cone clutch

  • Minimal maintenance required
Application Recreational or Commercial
Engine Connection Direct or Remote (Jack or CV Shaft)
Exhaust None through the sterndrive
Gear Ratios 1.27:1, 1.45:1, 1.55:1, 1.78:1, 1.98:1
Lubrication Full Immersion, eighteen quarts with external reservoir
Propeller Diameter Range 43.8 cm - 51 cm
Rotation Operates in either right or left hand rotation
Steering Angle 50° range
Transmission Reversing transmission required
Transom Mounting Template available per application
Transom Requirements 13° angle nominal, 6.4 mm - 79.4 mm thick
Trim/Lift System Approximate -6° to +10° trim, twin cylinders with electro-hydraulic pump Approximate 30° of total lift range
Water Pickup None through the sterndrive