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This modification is the first time a taxi boat appears in our huge range of GRAND RIBs. Same D600 hull to provide a high-speed and stability, but with new five single jockey seats this DRIVE version comes in to play for your friends, family or tourists. Our new passenger jockey seats, designed according to the latests trends remaining cozy, usable and stylish in our unique GRAND way.

Compared to other modifications, D600 Drive is specially designed for safe boat trips for group of people.
We have a lot of features, which can make your passengers feel great.
Comfortable top-end jokey seats for your travelers, the internal dry space, of which can be used for storage of personal stuff.
What about the place of a helmsman? Take the most convenient position you want – standing or seating, both are very practical to a driver.
Install the max possible 150HP outboard motor to feel the real drive.
The boat is equipped with a 140 l of fuel tank. It will be sufficient for 4-5 hours of exciting voyages.
Don’t forget about the possibility to equip the boat with water shower system which is supplied with 45l water tank.

All in all, D600Drive is a high-speed, comfortable, safe watercraft.


Technical Data

Models D600 Drive
Length overall cm 612
ft/inches 20′ 1”
Length internal cm 440
ft/inches 14′ 5”
Width overall cm 250
ft/inches 8′ 2”
Width internal cm 154
ft/inches 5′ 1”
Tube diameter cm 50
inches 20”
Bare Boat weight * kg 626
lbs 1380
Transport gross weight ** kg 746
lbs 1645
Loading capacity *** kg 1110
lbs 2425
Passenger capacity 12
No of chambers 5
Engine recommended HP 130
kW 95,6
Engine max *** HP 150
kW 110,3
Engine weight max kg 250
lbs 550
Engine shaft length inches 63,5 cm / 25″ (extra long)
Midsection / aft deadrise degrees 22° / 22°
Stowed dimensions of package No1 cm 624
cm 224
cm 124
ft/inches 20′ 6”
ft/inches 7′ 4”
ft/inches 4′ 1”
Stowed dimensions of package No2 cm 105
cm 95
cm 125
ft/inches 3′ 5”
ft/inches 3′ 1”
ft/inches 4′ 1”
Stowed dimensions of package No3 cm 120
cm 60
cm 96
ft/inches 3′ 11”
ft/inches 1′ 11”
ft/inches 3′ 2”
Hull type RIB
Boat design category **** C

* – The bare boat weight is just a weight of the empty boat without any removable accessories.
** – The transport gross weight is the weight of the complete boat in standard package.
*** – Because of differences in local boat-building standards, the Loading capacity and Maximum Engine Power may vary by country. Please check that with your local GRAND dealers.
**** – Boat design category under European Union Directive 2013/53/EU.

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