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This version can easily put you in the shoes of the racing pilot. Feel the rush, the wave, the performance and how adrenaline fills your veins. Feel safe and free with big open deck, two adjustable sports seats, console safety railing and dry storage compartments to speed up the blood flow by squeezing the top speed out of 150 HP engine this boat is designed for.

Dynamic design of D600ACTIVE has been worked out for active water sports and fishing.
A new hull design is specially accommodated for comfortable arrangement of fishing rods and other accessories for successful fishing.
If you are passionate about aggressive wave riding, you’ll definitely appreciate adjustable sports seats which are very comfortable in a rough sea because the main load is compensated by your legs rather than your back.
By the way, solid, durable and elegant (made of stainless steel and coated by black powder) is all that about waterski towing mast with all-round light on the top.
At the same time, the rear sofa seating fitted with soft cushions and high seat back predisposes to a calm relaxing admiring the limitlessness of water and heavens.
Among other features:

  • A spacious underdeck locker with gas spring
  • Two stern lockers with large access panels
  • Two swimming platforms, one of which is equipped with a folding ladder.

Technical Data

Technical Data
Models D600 Active
Length overallcm612
 ft/inches20′ 1”
Length internalcm440
 ft/inches14′ 5”
Width overallcm250
 ft/inches8′ 2”
Width internalcm154
 ft/inches5′ 1”
Tube diametercm50
Bare Boat weight *kg596
Transport gross weight **kg706
Loading capacity ***kg1110
Passenger capacity 12
No of chambers 5
Engine recommendedHP130
Engine max ***HP150
Engine weight maxkg250
Engine shaft lengthinches63,5 cm / 25″ (extra long)
Midsection / aft deadrisedegrees22° / 22°
Stowed dimensions of package No1cm624
 ft/inches20′ 6”
 ft/inches7′ 4”
 ft/inches4′ 1”
Stowed dimensions of package No2cm105
 ft/inches3′ 5”
 ft/inches3′ 1”
 ft/inches4′ 1”
Stowed dimensions of package No3cm120
 ft/inches3′ 11”
 ft/inches1′ 11”
 ft/inches3′ 2”
Hull type RIB
Boat design category **** C


* – The bare boat weight is just a weight of the empty boat without any removable accessories.
** – The transport gross weight is the weight of the complete boat in standard package.
*** – Because of differences in local boat-building standards, the Loading capacity and Maximum Engine Power may vary by country. Please check that with your local GRAND dealers.
**** – Boat design category under European Union Directive 2013/53/EU.

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